👋 Hi! My name is Eugenia, and I’m a Sr. Product Designer from Argentina, now based in Uruguay.

By formal education I’m a computer engineer. About 8 years ago, I started programming, but my career unexpectedly shifted to product design.

I started back in those days by making the systems I was developing easier to use. I would talk to people, define a flow, make sense of the information that needed to be managed and displayed, then design the UI, test it with people and iterate. All of these without knowing that UX was even a thing.

In 2009, led by curiosity, I joined a volunteer program at Mozilla in which I was able to learn about UX for the first time from very talented people. I then knew this is what I wanted to do.

From there, my professional career continued developing by working for smaller companies, government and educational institutions, and bigger ones like Intel, Netsuite (now Oracle) and Mercado Libre, both in the consumer and enterprise fronts.

My current role is about leading design initiatives, working together with different teams to solve people and business problems.

I love to work with smarter people. I’m very curious by nature and I’m known for asking a lot of questions. I see the big picture in order to survive. I like to hear stories and I like to think that my mission is to solve people’s real problems. This has been -long story short- my journey.

Want to work together? Get in touch! 👉 hello@eugeortiz.com